1. More vice from Brooklyn of olden days. Bookies, gangsters, dirty cops.

  2. Burlesque beauties from the vaults of the Brooklyn Eagle.

  3. A selection of a new batch of photoes from E.E. Rutter, a prolific photochronicler of the Borough of Brooklyn. This time is all Coney Island.

  4. A small sampler of the recently digitized images taken by George Cohen near Brighton Beach c. 1986

  5. The war dogs of yesteryear. (Photos from the Brookyn Daily Eagle archives.)

  6. Lumberjack hipsters, check out these facial hair styles! Learn from the ol’ timers.

  7. There used to be annual strawberry and ice cream festivals. Time to bring them back!

  8. Check out these reading campaign buttons from 1960s. Librarians circa 1968 knew how to party.

  9. We won, and the 4th of July is the proof. But do enjoy spectacular displays on both sides of the Atlantic. Photos are from the International News Photo Service which were housed in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle archives.

  10. Happy Canada Day to our closest neighbors! We are so similar, yet we do do certain things differently.