1. Self-styled “hobo artist” Paul Hubbard, an itinerant Texan, shows his art to Martin Abraham, 4. Hubbard is working on a mural for Martin’s dad. Meanwhile, he shows a sample of his art to the little boy who seems half-fascinated, half-aghast. Brooklyn Eagle, Septembe 1954.

  2. To mark the 100th anniversary of the Great War, here is a selection of cartoons from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle from August 1914.

  3. Through today’s eyes, this innocent picture from a summer camp of 1953 seems wrong on so many levels. It is a curious illustration of how modern sensibility trained our focus.

  4. The Smithsonian reminded us that today is the International Tiger Day. A few pictures from the Brooklyn Collection to remind ourselves of the beauty and sheer awesomeness of these beautiful beasts.

  5. The Brooklyn Collection’s “swim suit issue”.

  6. More vice from Brooklyn of olden days. Bookies, gangsters, dirty cops.

  7. Burlesque beauties from the vaults of the Brooklyn Eagle.

  8. A selection of a new batch of photoes from E.E. Rutter, a prolific photochronicler of the Borough of Brooklyn. This time is all Coney Island.

  9. A small sampler of the recently digitized images taken by George Cohen near Brighton Beach c. 1986

  10. The war dogs of yesteryear. (Photos from the Brookyn Daily Eagle archives.)